Core benefits of nMobile

nMobile is not your average messenger. It is the new way of secure communication.

100% anonymous

Every nMobile client in the NKN network communicates through an anonymous, random generated ID. No backtracing to your device possible.

100% decentralized

nMobile communicates through the NKN blockchain network. That means that there is no central authority involved.

100% secure

All communication of nMobile is end-to-end encrypted. Also there is e2e encryption between each relayer of your message (hop-to-hop).

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About nMobile

nMobile is built on the NKN blockchain network. That means it does not use regular internet technology to communicate.

Instead of telephone numbers or nicknames every client communicates over a unique ID that is connected to the NKN network. If you want to send data to another participant you just need to know his ID.

nMobile is open sourced and therefore open to everybody. Through it’s real decentralized approach it we are able to encrypt your data with a real private key nobody has access to.

Download App

You can download and install nMobile from Apple and Google app stores, as well as APK and source code.

App Screens

Here are the best screenshot, from this photo gallery you can get idea about this application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything about nMobile

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What is nMobile?
nMobile is a messaging app like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and WeChat but without any centralised authority (server) behind it. nMobile also contains many services to interact in the NKN blockchain like a digital wallet, customised apps and more.
What makes nMobile the securest messenger?
Ordinary messengers are end-to-end encrypted - the communication between both participants cannot be read by third parties. Nevertheless all communication still runs through a central server. So in theory your messages can be read if you are the provider of the service. nMobile uses a decentralised approach that makes it impossible for anybody to interfere or read the data sent between two clients. Also data has an additional hop-to-hop encryption between each relayer in the network.
Why is nMobile 100% anonymous?
Each time you send data from nMobile to another client you only use your unique ID. That's all you need to use our app - no nicknames, no phone number and even your IP gets thrown away in the communication.
What's the tech behind nMobile?
nMobile uses the NKN blockchain network for all communications. nMobile is open sourced and therefore free for everyone to explore and improve.